There must be something in the fall air that makes us want to change up our hair game. I suppose with a cute and cozy outfit should come a cute and trendy hairstyle. Here are some of the iconic fall hairstyles Cincinnati Hair think are trending in 2018.

Curtain bangs are a very flirty trend that is reminiscent of the 1960’s. They are slightly messy with hair framing the face and most commonly paired with a high ponytail or an A-line bob haircut.

A sharp center part and pin straight hair is one of the prominent styles this year. Use a small comb to get a straight part and then slick your pin straight hair behind your ears to show off your face and collarbone.

Sleek ponytails are for the days you wake up late and need a quick but fashionable hairstyle. Create a center part and slick the top half of your hair back pulling it into a low ponytail for a natural fall look.

One of the simplest fall styles this year is wrapping your hair in a cute and trendy headband. Tuck your hair around the bottom of the headband and pull out the loose strands to frame your face to create a seemingly effortless look.

Claw clips have made a comeback from the 80’s! No matter your hairstyle, straight or curly, pull it back and twist it in either a bun or a ponytail wrapped upwards and clip it.

Bedhead waves are huge this year. The effortless beachy waves have been a staple for a while, but this hairstyle is much more relaxed and messier. Curl your hair as usual and then shake the curls out until they are loose. Add hairspray for extra texture.

Pops of color for your hair are always fun and but for this fall, caramel/bronze tones are in style. Dusty pastel pinks, rose gold, and silver hair colors have been huge this year as well. More famously, having dark roots with a pastel hair color could be the pop of color you need for this fall.

Braided crowns are the ultimate style this year. It seems intimidating, but it’s as simple as a messy braid wrapped around the bottom of the back of your head and pinned into place. Use decorative pins to add a little extra flair.

Bows are an accessory coming back in style and work with any hair type. Curly, straight, short or long, you can pull it back in a pony with a ribbon to make an adorable bow for that feminine flair.

A-line bobs and chopped bobs are something to expect to see fall of this year. An A-line bob could be paired with the bed head waves, a smooth middle part, or curtain bangs. They are fun, flirty, and easy to style!

Voluminous pixie cuts are low maintenance and can be kicked up a notch with styling foam to create a finger wave or marcel wave for a throwback look. They are classy, easily styled and adorable for the fall time.