Trying to stay in the know with this year’s hairstyle trends? They can be challenging to keep up with; our styles are constantly changing throughout the year because it’s easy to get a new do then see someone the next day with something you like even more. If you need a resource for trending eye-candy, Allusions’ take on 2019 Spring Hair Styles is put together for you below.

Blunt Bobs

As time progresses, we continue digging up the fashion of decades past. The 70s revival is on the rise, and the blunt bob haircut is being carried over social media on the heads of many celebrities including Kendall Jenner and Karlie Kloss. Sharp, layered hair should stay in the 90s until we resurrect that style too. In our modern age, we are moving towards a blunter, more distinct finish. This haircut is said to flatter any and all face shapes because the length can be adjusted based on your personal liking. The bluntness can thicken up generally thinner looking hair or soften thicker hair depending on how it is styled, it’s incredibly versatile, which is why it’s very quickly trending this season.

Gray Hair

The age-inclusivity of the fashion industry is especially blossoming in our time. Not only is there a rising amount of people dying their hair at home, but many of the higher aged who appreciate modern fashion are embracing their gray hair. Instead of dying over aging roots, we are letting them grow out and become a part of our personal image. The fact that being happy with one’s natural self is part of our beauty culture carries a very positive message in society and spreads confidence.


Curls and waves had their moment in 2018, but this trend has been brought back from the dead of the early 21st century. Make sure your straightening irons are up to the challenge but don’t turn the heat up too high, you may risk burning your hair if you are too eager. It’s also a great idea to keep heat protection products on hand, especially if your hair is treated often. Heat from irons or even your hair dryer could damage your hair if you don’t take the proper precautions.

Slicked and Glossy

No doubt slicked back hair began to trend late last year, now the style is on its way to making it mainstream. Using products to lock out frizz is key, as fly-aways are not allowed when you’re getting into such a glossy look. Adding a few drops of shine serum will help you achieve the glossed over effect while also aiding in the health of your hair. Whether your hair is up in some elaborate fashion or laying straight down, the shiny finish will make you gleam and let everyone know that you’re headed for success.

Romantic Accents

In updos, loose hair, curls, and braids, dainty accessories have stolen the light in recent months. Visible bobby pins, especially those with cute symbols or beads, are appearing all over social media and they add a whole lot of energy to a style. Floral accents are showing up mostly in dramatically curled or braided hair and nestle into those locks to give a peaceful, delicate look. These kinds of options are endless, even studded earrings have made their way into tight updos for more detail, it’s all up to your imagination.


For even more inspiration, or even some motivation to spruce up your do, come in today and see us at Allusions!