bobby.pinWhen you experience thinning hair, you often have to be more creative when it comes to styling your hair. Here are three of the hottest hair accessories that you didn’t even know you needed and tips for using them on your thinning hair.

The Wide-Toothed Comb – Brushing your hair can be a no-no when you have thinning hair, you have to be very delicate with it. A wide-toothed comb is a great option for smoothing out tangles and handling hair – especially when it’s wet.

The Bobby Pin – the bobby pin is one of the most magical accessories to help place your hair exactly where you want it – and use less product that can weigh down your thinning hair. When you have thinning hair, you will need more staying power for your bobby pin, so we suggest using it “zig-zag” side down and flat side up. Also, try spritzing a bit of your hair spray or styling product on the pin before you place it to give it some extra stickiness. For more fun tricks with bobby pins, click here.

The Headband – It seems the headband has never gone out of style. It’s a sleek, stylish way to pull the hair off your face and can complement any outfit. Look for cloth or elastic styles that aren’t too taut or stiff around your forehead. You could cause more thinning hair or damage. Allusions is selling new headbands with a flexible coated wire inside for easy adjustments around your head for a perfect fit. They come in fun Spring colors and designs.

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What hair accessories are on your must-have list?