The Cesare Ragazzi Hair System is a world-renowned hair replacement system that duplicates your hair and scalp. Also referred to as Capelli Naturali a Contatto, which roughly translates to “Natural Contact Hair,” CNC for short is a non-surgical and dermatologically tested, it is the most personalized hair and scalp prosthesis on the market. Every single one is custom made to ensure the new hair fits the exact texture and direction of your hair growth and a sample of your hair is used to match the color, thickness, and curliness. A 3D print of your scalp is made precisely to fit the contours and morphology of your head then a technician sews donated virgin human hair (never permed, dyed or otherwise processed) a piece at a time into this 3D printed scalp which will be bonded directly to your head with a dermatologist tested, medical adhesive. Your new hair will move, style and wash just like your natural hair.

Here are three things you need to know about the Cesare Ragazzi hair system:

The new hair is not actively growing so while you can cut the hair, if you want it longer, hair extensions would be the best option. It can be professionally cut, blended and styled to your liking using hairsprays, gels, and mousse just as you would your natural hair.

It does require regular maintenance during which a certified specialist will remove, clean and reapply the hair system. With proper maintenance, it will last 12 to 18 months, or even more before a new one is needed.

The Cesare Ragazzi hair system benefits both women and men experiencing androgenetic alopecia, scarring alopecia, trichotillomania, medical hair loss, hair loss due to chemo and radiation therapies, alopecia areata, totalis, and universalis. To determine if this procedure is for you, we will have a private consultation to understand your personal needs and expectations

If you are ready to learn more, contact Allusions today. The Cesare Ragazzi hair system aims to not only restore your hair but to rebuild your confidence. You can enjoy your day to day life knowing that the system is sweat, stress, and water-resistant and withstands the exposure of the sun guaranteeing a long-lasting solution.  The goal is to give you peace of mind regarding your hair loss, to feel good about yourself again, feel confident around other people, and rediscover the freedom to live every moment of your life without feeling self-conscious.