3D Printing technology is allowing for medical advancements all over the world. We are already using it fabricate medical instruments, implants, and prosthetic limbs. Soon, medical professionals may be able to create organs, bones, skin, and more. You might be asking: if this technology can create a precise replicas of human skin, why not use it for hair restoration?

The answer is: we already do. The Cesare Ragazzi CNC® Hair System has been developed by the world-renowned Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories in Bologna, Italy. This system allows clients to swim, shower, and exercise – living life just as they would with their own natural hair. How is this possible? An exact, 3D printed replica of your scalp that can be worn as a permanent attachment with a dermatology-tested medical adhesive.

The CNC base is 3D printed based on a scan of your scalp to follow the precise contours of your head. This scan allows for an absolutely perfect fit, natural hair movement, ultimate comfort, and complete seamlessness. Once the base is created (to match your scalp color), your exact hair color, hair line, and hair pattern are replicated, and artisans will hand inject high-grade, non-processed human hairs into the base.

The result? A highly advanced, non-invasive, completely safe solution for hair loss.

During your visit to our Cincinnati hair replacement location, one of our specialists will integrate the CNC hair system to blend seamlessly with your scalp and hairline. Once in place, even your closest friends and family will be unable to differentiate between your hair and your Cesare Ragazzi system. As your exclusive Cincinnati Cesare Ragazzi hair replacement provider, we are here to help you restore your hair and your confidence! Schedule a consultation with us today to get started.