Every man faces the fear of going bald either due to genetics, age, or any number of causes. Over 50 percent of men in the United States will be affected by male pattern baldness at some point in their lives. Whether or not this applies to your hair health, knowing that there are men hair loss tips available can help put your mind at ease.

As of now, there is not a cure for hair loss, but adding new habits to your daily routine can strengthen your strands for a longer-living head of hair.

Know Yourself

Genetics play a large part in the likelihood of an individual losing their hair. Male pattern baldness and other forms of alopecia are usually passed down from father to son, so familiarize yourself with your family’s hair loss history first and foremost. Your doctor or dermatologist will want to know this information anyway if you bring up hair loss concerns.

Keeping track of your scalp health is the best thing you can do to prevent hair loss. Catching a problem like this as early as possible will make it easier to deal with in the long run. If you notice excessive shedding, let your dermatologist know as soon as possible. Alopecia can become very overwhelming (and expensive) if the problem is ignored for too long.

Supplement Your Diet

What you put into your body has everything to do with hair health. To keep growing strong, healthy strands, your diet needs to be rich in nutrients, oils, and protein. There are supplements available that specifically target hair growth and cover bases that your regular diet wouldn’t be capable of. Vitamins such as biotin, collagen, and supplements that reduce inflammation are all great for maintaining a healthy scalp.

Keep Your Scalp Happy

Scalp health is the key to growing (or re-growing) stronger hair. Other than showering and washing, we don’t often think about what our scalps are going through. Especially in the summer and winter, it is crucial to allow your scalp to breathe and stay moisturized. Hiding your head in a hat of any kind can cause a buildup of sweat and heat, which irritates the scalp and can stunt hair growth in the worst cases. Letting your hair loose is the easiest solution, but moisturizing products for your scalp can help in these situations and in general.

Minimize Stress

Stress is capable of causing not only mental distress but physical issues in the body as well. Excessive stress in your daily life can stunt hair growth or cause hair to fall out little by little regardless of hair loss history. Stress can turn the body against itself in an autoimmune response; it attacks healthy hair follicles and disrupts the natural hair growth cycle. This is usually not a permanent issue, but stress this extreme needs to be addressed before it worsens.

Try Revitalizing Treatments

If lifestyle changes aren’t enough to help the progression of hair loss, other treatments could bring your scalp back to its full glory. Hair transplants, laser hair therapy, and platelet-rich plasma are all methods (carried out by professionals) that have seen tremendous success in patients with total baldness or small problem areas. These treatments are more expensive than the alternatives, but the results are promising.

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