No one likes having thinning hair and caring for it may seem like a lot of hard work. But when you are getting great results and are looking and feeling your best, it’s well worth it.
Simply get into a routine and go to it!

Here are seven habits of people who care for their thinning hair:

1. You perform a gentle scalp massage every time you shampoo to clear out the oils and to stimulate the hair follicles.
2. You try to eat more whole foods, fruits and vegetables and skip the processed food. What you put inside your body, helps the look of the outside.
3. You follow the regimen of your treatment products – shampoo, conditioner, thickeners, stylers, etc.
4. You do your laser hair therapy three times a week – either at the salon or with your at-home equipment – to stimulate the hair follicles.
5. You don’t pull too tightly when you brush, use barrettes or do a ponytail.
6. You take HairGain vitamins with a DHT blocker to prevent this harmful hormone from blocking your hair follicles and preventing hair growth.
7. You plan for regular appointments for a scalp analysis at Allusions to reevaluate your efforts to thicken up your thinning hair.

Do you follow these habits? What are some of your other healthy hair habits?