Our credibility is very important to us – especially because we are in an industry where people are skeptical about results. It is so important to us that we have taken a bold step that many companies would not be willing to do. We have elected to use an independent third-party service—Demandforce—for clients to rate their experience at Allusions. After each appointment, an email is sent to each of our clients thanking him/her for visiting, with a request to complete a survey. Clients are asked such things as:

  • Were services performed to your satisfaction?
  • Was your waiting time reasonable?
  • How would you rate your overall experience?
  • Would you return to Allusions in the future?
  • All reviews are certified by Demandforce. We are very proud of the fact that we have achieved such a high overall rating from our clients!

    And you can trust the validity of the reviews because of Demandforce’s stringent validation and dispute process. All the reviews are confirmed by Demandforce as coming from a recent client by giving the review a time stamp and verifying the client’s date of visit, and validating the review is in reference to an actual experience. Every review is posted on our website, with every review shown exactly as it is written. The only time Allusions can dispute a review is if the reviewer has not been a client for a year or there is something completely inaccurate. However, Demandforce makes the final ruling on whether the review can be removed and it’s done case by case. We do have the ability to choose if we would like to highlight a review at the top of the page.  Otherwise they are listed with the most recent review first.  If you have a few free moments, check out  what people are saying about us.