About Our Hair Restoration Specialists

Allusions Staff

Allusions has the largest professional staff of hair restoration specialists in the greater Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky area. With training in all major hair loss solutions, we have what you’re looking for. At Allusions you’ll find a warm and friendly staff of qualified technicians and professionals who understand the frustrations of hair loss.

Professional Staff

Hair Loss Specialist and Consultant

Lora brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Allusions. She knows firsthand the trauma of losing your hair. Lora was diagnosed with Alopecia Areata when she was 18 years old. Fortunately Lora’s passion to help people with hair loss led her to Allusions.

Lora is a world champion baton twirler and had to deal with hair loss in her competitions. She understands the emotional experience with hair loss and can help people choose the right solution for any activity level.

Laura Customer Service

Laura brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Allusions. She worked in an Aveda salon before coming to Allusions. She is friendly and a great problem solver. You will see Laura at the front desk and she can help you with any questions you might have. She always has a smile on her face.

When not at Allusions, she spends a lot of time with her family and grandchildren.


Mary Jo

Mary Jo has been with Allusions for more than 20 years. To date, Mary Jo has been a licensed Cosmetologist for 31 years and spent most of her time as an instructor before joining the Allusions team in 1998. Like most stylists, she loves changing her haircut, style and color regularly and loves to help her clients make changes to their hair too. Mary Jo relates to many of her clients and their hair loss issues because she struggles with her own hair loss and has been wearing a hair enhancement for over a decade.  When Mary Jo isn’t at Allusions she likes to tap into her creative side and spends most of her time cooking, gardening decorating or experimenting new hairstyles.


Angie graduated as Valedictorian from Cosmetology school in 2004 and immediately joined our team at Allusions. With more than 15 years at Allusions, Angie brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and good humor to our team. Her artistry is unparalleled and she’s always looking for her next hair challenge. She has the ability to craft a new haircut, style and color on a whim for each of her clients, heping them look and feel their best at each visit.

When she’s not at Allusions, you’ll most likely find her pining over a pair of shoes or organizing her closet full of the latest shoe trends!


Rachel has officially been a part of the Allusions team for fifteen years but remembers accompanying her mother (Mary Jo) to work as early as 6th grade. In 2005, Rachel became a licensed cosmetologist and immediately joined the Allusions team. At Allusions, Rachel loves to help people look and feel their best. She’s a color expert and loves to experiment with bold creative colors. She changes hers often, and has experimented with every color in the rainbow.

When she’s not at Allusions she’s usually shopping.


Sarah has been with Allusions for more than 20 years which is longer than anyone else on staff. Sarah has a wealth of knowledge and experience and has been instrumental in training our interns and new technicians. Sarah loves people and enjoys seeing her clients regularly and derives great pleasure in helping them look and feel great about their appearance. It’s this blend of creativity and desire to help others that Sarah loves about working at Allusions. Sarah’s an expert in all aspects of hair restoration and is commited to the highest level of training and technology in the industry and educating and training her fellow co-workers.  When Sarah isn’t at Allusions, she’s spending time outside, soaking up the sunshine, listening to music and enjoying time with her family.


Samantha has been a technician at Allusions for more than 10 years. In 2007, Jeanne gave a presentation on hair replacement at Samantha’s Cosmetology school. Ever since then Samantha was fascinated by the various application and hair replacement processes. She couldn’t believe how natural wigs and hair pieces look and feel. Her intrigue brought her to Allusions just after graduation where she was trained in all aspects of hair replacement and restoration. While she’s familiar with all aspects of hair replacement she has a special interest in Micropoint Links. Samantha doesn’t change her cut and color like most of our technicians. Instead she adds extensions whenever she gets the chance or accessorizes with decorative clips, headbands or colorful extensions. When Samantha isn’t at Allusions she’s working on launching her singing career (in the shower) and hoping to compete on the televisions show Survivor.


Ashley is a licensed cosmetologist. She knows firsthand the trauma of losing your hair having been diagnosed with Alopecia Areata when she was 18 years old. Fortunately her passion to help people with hair loss led her to Allusions. Ashley loves making people happy and she understands the emotions of hair loss.

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