This past weekend I decided to take the leap and turn my short blonde locks into some long luxurious locks!  Normally, I have short blonde hair, so the idea of trying something new was more than intimidating.  However, I knew Angie (pictured to my right) would do an amazing job!  The transformation was remarkable.  Nobody could believe it, and many were baffled to find out that it wasn’t my real hair!  Everything looked and felt 100% natural and after about 5 minutes I completely forgot that I was wearing hair!  The only reminder was the number of people who were constantly raving about my style and look for the evening!  I’m still amazed it didn’t itch, tangle, weigh me down, etc.  Wearing hair this past weekend has changed my entire outlook on the thought of extensions and/or hair pieces.  It’s much easier than styling my own hair and it was so much fun to sport a new look without waiting months for my hair to reach the length and fullness I wanted.  I’d wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone looking for a new look, or looking to add length and fullness!