Rain and humidity are constants in Cincinnati making it hard to properly style your hair.  And women with thinning hair can have extra challenges when styling.

Here are some dos an don’ts.

-Don’t fight your natural hair.  If you have wavy, keep it wavy on a rainy day.  If you have straight hair, don’t try to curl it.

– Do rinse your hair with cooler water when washing.  This seals the cuticle and fights frizz.

-Don’t use the blow dryer.  If possible opt for a gentle towel drying and let hair dry naturally.

-Do find the right product.  On a humid day, I recommend a light shine spray from Kenra to tame frizz.

-Don’t use too much product — it can backfire and weigh hair down.  This is especially true of hairspray.  Avoid “super hold” formulas.

A rain and humid day is the perfect occasion to augment your style with a custom-made hairpiece from Allusions.  Specially designed to blend with your hair, it can keep your natural hair under control while still giving you the fullness of style you like.

Bring on the rain!

How do you handle humid hair? Please share your tips with us.