shampooThis is a common question and just like most things, there is no simple answer. Most dermatologists say that shampooing three to four times a week is sufficient. However, women with thinning hair typically have an oily scalp and that can make for a weighed down, greasy look and daily shampooing might be necessary.

Your hair is delicate – and for women with thinning hair it is even more delicate. Daily shampooing, styling and heat products can really take a toll.

Basics of Shampooing
Thee purpose of shampooing is to unclog oil and create the healthiest scalp environment possible to encourage hair health and regrowth. It all starts with a great product. At Allusions, our stylists can help you find the right mix of products – many of which are pharmaceutical grade – to help you achieve the look you want and to increase the health and manageability of your hair.

Some of the key considerations that help us determine the right shampoo and product mix for you include:
•    Is your hair color treated?
•    What type and how much styling product do you use?
•    Do you use a flat iron to style?
•    Do you swim regularly?

For example, if you have a lot of buildup on your hair from styling products, we may suggest that you use a clarifying shampoo.

How to Shampoo Your Hair
It’s also important to have the proper shampooing technique.
•    Poor a nickel-sized amount of product in your hand
•    Work into a lather
•    Work through your hair to the ends
•    Massage your scalp for about 60 seconds
•    Rinse thoroughly
•    Follow up with a conditioner, treatment or rinse product

Need to skip a shampoo? Here are some second-day style ideas:
•    Limit brushing so it doesn’t look greasy – work the touseled look
•    Try a loose, low pony tail
•    Headbands or head scarves work wonders and help accessorize your outfits
•    Two words: bobby pins

So how often do you shampoo your hair? What are some of your favorite products?