The frigid winter months have arrived. Wind, snow, sleet, and dry air can really put a damper on a good hair day. The best thing to do to help keep your hair looking its best is to cover it when you’re outside to protect it from the elements.

BUT WHAT ABOUT HAT HAIR?! We know, we know. Every woman tries desperately to avoid the dreaded hat hair, but we have a few solutions! Before you put on your hat, try these out:

1. Make sure your hair is completely dry

Never put on a hat or headband with damp hair. This will not only cause damage to your hair and style, but you’ll also freeze out there! Wake up a little earlier (or style the night before if you can) and be sure to blow dry or diffuse your hair before heading out for the day.

2. Use a de-frizzing spray

Once you’ve styled your hair, and before you put on your hat, spray it all over with an anti-frizz or anti-static spray. You’re almost ready to step outside!

3. Think about the part

A great way to boost volume after you take your hat off is to change up your part. Style your hair with a center part, put on the hat, then when you take it off, switch the part to either side. Bring some dry shampoo with you to give it an extra boost of volume and shine (and a fresh scent, if you’re into that). 

Last resort: put it up!

Let’s face it — we can do all the preparation we want, but once in a while, you’ll look like a yeti when you take off the hat. Worse case scenario: put it in a ponytail or bun! Or if your workplace allows, leave the hat on and rock the hipster look.

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