Its official, no one likes spilt ends, and the heartbreaking effects of thinning hair.  Unfortunately it is a very common problem.  Many of you may have heard the old wives tale that cutting your hair more frequently will aid in its ability to grow faster.  Here is where the myth can be separated from reality.  The two most common results of unhealthy thinning hair are breakage and split ends.  Fortunately there are ways to avoid damage to the hair cuticle, and prevention for further hair woes.

The sun is essential for everyday life, but it can also cause severe damage to hair.  The ultra-violet rays in sunlight break down the keratin protein in the hair.  This can affect the cuticle in the same way a hair lightening service does.  It is important to consider that previously colored hair is especially sensitive to the sun’s rays.  Streaks and dryness are typically a result. 

Understanding that not all hair is the same, gaining knowledge of your hair and the products it needs are essential to its health.  Conditioning improves the cuticle and the moisture content of damaged, thinning hair.  It is important to talk to your stylist about what products they recommend that you use, and need to discontinue using. 

If you are experiencing thinning hair, excessive breakage and splitting, call Allusions today to schedule a complimentary consultation.  Not only do we carry products that will improve the condition of your hair, we offer many solutions for the thinning hair client.  Our staff is ready to help you, call us today!

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