Yes, hair loss can affect your health in many ways! Studies have shown that hair loss can lead to a decrease in self-esteem and psychological distress as well as physical symptoms. Some studies even suggest that chronic hair loss may be related to an increased risk of certain diseases. For these reasons, it’s important to address any issues with hair loss promptly so you don’t suffer serious health consequences down the line. Learn about what causes hair loss here. 

Can Hair Loss Affect my Health?

1) Hair Loss can Affect you Emotionally 

Studies have found that people with excessive hair loss tend to suffer from lower self-confidence and body image levels. This can lead to elevated levels of stress which can interfere with normal daily activities such as studying or working. It has even been linked to depression among certain individuals. Hair loss can be so emotionally devastating that people may try to hide it by covering their heads when leaving the house

2) Hair Loss can Affect you Physically 

From a physical perspective, those suffering from excessive hair loss may experience tension headaches due to scalp strain. Others might even feel heaviness around the head area. Studies suggest that chronic hair loss may increase the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and other health issues. So it’s important to pay attention to any signs.

It doesn’t have to be like this! If you are worried about how hair loss can affect your health, please get in touch with our Cincinnati Hair Clinic or schedule a FREE consultation with one of our hair loss experts today!