The Benefits of Laser Hair Therapy

Androgenic alopecia (male pattern baldness) is the leading cause of genetic or age-related hair loss worldwide. There is currently no cure, which is often a disheartening thing to hear about a visible cosmetic issue. Still, there is no reason to [...]

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Hair Loss Treatment Myths

While hair loss does not yet have a cure, a problem so common amongst people worldwide has driven experts to search for effective treatment since before modern medicine. Whether partial or total, baldness can strain anyone’s confidence and often becomes [...]

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Women’s Hair Replacements

Hair loss is a problem that over half of the country’s population suffers from. There are numerous causes of hair loss among women, the most common being fluctuations in hormones, medical side effects, and genetics. With so many ways of [...]

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5 Hair Loss Tips for Men

Every man faces the fear of going bald either due to genetics, age, or any number of causes. Over 50 percent of men in the United States will be affected by male pattern baldness at some point in their lives. [...]

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Women’s Hair Restoration

One in four women will experience thinning hair or hair loss caused by age, genetics, or several other conditions. Female pattern baldness typically first appears as thinning around the crown or excessive shedding when washing or grooming hair. These thinning [...]

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The Benefits of Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are used by so many people for a variety of applications, but this fact is often overshadowed by the presence of cheap, mass-produced extensions found at most costume stores. People who have tried these often never consider extensions [...]

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