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CNC Hair System (Overview for Women)

Cesare Regazzi’s patented CNC hair system for women is the most cutting-edge hair replacement method on the market. CNC is the Italian abbreviation for “Capellini Naturali a Contatto,” or in English, “Natural Contact Hair.” The CNC systems combines modern technology [...]

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Wig Shopping in Cincinnati

With many hair loss solutions out there, it can be difficult to even get started looking for a fix to your thinning hair.  One of the most popular Cincinnati hair loss staples is simply shopping for the best wig on [...]

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Cincinnati Hair Loss Solutions

Our experts understand the stresses and suffering that follow hair loss in its various forms. Having little to no information about your scalp situation is one stress that can easily be solved with a professional opinion. Not only can we [...]

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Men’s Hair Loss Systems

Losing any amount of hair can add a large sum of stress to a man’s daily life. Be it a temporary inconvenience or a permanent loss, the advice and treatment suggestions that come with such an experience can be more [...]

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The Laser Hair Therapy Process

Hair loss can sneak up on anyone at any time in life. Some people are blindsided by it, while the possibility haunts others. For many individuals who suffer from hair loss or other scalp-related issues, surgery is intimidating or out [...]

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