Not Your Grandpa’s Wig

How men's hair systems are different than they used to be Searching for a non-surgical approach to hair replacement has become more common throughout the decades of dealing with hair loss. In the past, wigs for men were both unpopular [...]

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Summer Hair Care

We may already be in the middle of this sunny season, but the warmth of summer is still in its first bloom. There is still plenty of time to arrange your favorite seasonal activities and enjoy every available blue sky. [...]

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Private Issue Wigs

Our bodies are unique, one of a kind. The same can be said for all of your needs, your preferences, and your personal style. For those living with hair loss or thinning hair due to any number of reasons, confidence [...]

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Spring Cleaning – Scalp Care

This year’s season of rain and regrowth should focus on more than just maintaining the tidiness of your home. You should include your health and well-being in the spring cleaning process. Your head, especially, should not be overlooked! Scalp health [...]

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Men’s Hair Solutions

Androgenic alopecia, also known as male pattern baldness, is a common part of aging as nearly 95 percent of men are affected by it. Many have a genetic predisposition to the condition. If your father and grandfather experienced hair loss, [...]

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