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Cincinnati Hair Restoration

Allusions aims to find solutions for those battling hair loss from the great state of Ohio. We understand that hair loss can be caused for many reasons and the stress and suffering that follow it. A free consultation is available [...]

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Myths About Laser Hair Therapy

The search for a treatment that can reverse hair loss has continued for centuries. Temporary solutions don’t feel the same as growing natural hair; this common issue can strain anyone’s confidence and often becomes a source of stress and shame. [...]

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Autumn Hair Shedding

The average healthy scalp naturally sheds around one hundred hairs every single day. This sounds excessive before considering our heads usually have about one thousand times more hairs at any given time. The hair growth process is cyclical, which means [...]

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The Benefits of Laser Hair Therapy

Androgenic alopecia (male pattern baldness) is the leading cause of genetic or age-related hair loss worldwide. There is currently no cure, which is often a disheartening thing to hear about a visible cosmetic issue. Still, there is no reason to [...]

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Hair Loss Treatment Myths

While hair loss does not yet have a cure, a problem so common amongst people worldwide has driven experts to search for effective treatment since before modern medicine. Whether partial or total, baldness can strain anyone’s confidence and often becomes [...]

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