Dealing with Hair Loss from Radiation Therapy

Typically, hair loss caused by radiation therapy will only affect the areas on your body where you are receiving therapy. If you are receiving radiation therapy above your shoulders, hair loss on your scalp may occur. We recommend you talk with your doctor to find out what your level of hair loss you can expect to experience during treatment.

For many people who will experience hair loss at the scalp, we recommend planning ahead to find a hair loss solution that works best for you. Selecting a wig while you still have hair will help you match your natural shade and cut. Allusions can also help while you’re undergoing treatment. Our stylists can create a great, flattering new cut, style or color to help minimize noticeable hair loss.

Let us help you

We understand undergoing radiation therapy is stressful and overwhelming. That’s why we’re happy to answer any additional questions you may have about hair loss due to radiation therapy as well as discuss your hair restoration and treatment options. Schedule a free, no obligation consultation today, please call 513.891.5411.