Celebrities Who Have Confirmed Hair TransplantsBeauty trends are almost always piloted by those in the spotlight. Well-known public figures who dare to break the taboos of society’s beauty norms inspire the masses to follow. Anyone from any part of the world can suffer from hair loss due to a variety of causes. Yet, a feeling of shame still surrounds hair replacement procedures and products.

Fortunately, this century has brought about technology that makes hair replacement solutions more convincing, affordable, and available to the general public. Hair transplantation is a procedure that has seen massive success for both men and women suffering from age-related or genetic hair loss. This treatment can give people their confidence back by granting the scalp the ability to grow its own hair once again. Something so miraculous shouldn’t be looked down upon, which is why we should celebrate celebrities who have confirmed hair transplants and continue to help others be unafraid to do the same.

Tom Arnold

This American actor has spoken out about his hair transplant treatments on multiple occasions, detailing his thoughts about the results and his personal growth goals. According to Tom, the treatment was very effective, but he went through more than one transplant to attain his dream results.

Dennis Miller

Very outspoken about his struggles with hair loss, actor and comedian Dennis Miller reportedly said that he decided to act fast at the first sign of hair loss. By getting a hair transplant before the hair loss became severe, Dennis gave his scalp the best chance at recovery. This seems to have worked out in his favor. At sixty-eight years old, he still carries a head of thick hair.

Brenden Fraser

Well-known American-Canadian actor Brenden Fraser experienced hair loss well into his career, shocking fans accustomed to his shiny brunette mane. To combat this issue, he decided to address it head-on with a hair transplant. Afterward, his hairline regrew, and he has brought a lot of positivity to the idea of transplant treatments.

Calum Best

This British-American reality television star began losing his hair at only twenty years old. With bald spots and a thinning hairline, Calum saw no other alternative than hair transplants. He not only openly speaks about his experience with these treatments but proudly supports this branch of cosmetic medicine. Calum Best claims that the results seen from his treatments have changed his life for the better. His confidence has brought many other men the courage to take the step to fuller hair.

Elton John

Talented Musician Elton John began to see signs of hair loss in the seventies and was one of the first celebrities to undergo a hair transplant procedure. The results were so dazzling and sensational to the public. It is thought that Elton John inspired many other male celebrities to solve their hair loss issues and further drive this positivity.

The list goes on and will continue to grow of celebrities who have confirmed hair transplants, and as the procedure becomes even more readily available. It may start with celebrities, but that does not mean that only the rich and famous deserve solutions.  Allusions would like to help everyone with their hair loss solutions, including hair transplants!  Schedule your FREE consultation today and we’ll help you determine your best hair loss solution!