Women are not as well represented as men when it comes to hair loss, making it difficult for many looking for a solution to a problem that does not discriminate. Many women turn to uncomfortable, ill-fitting wigs to cover up thinning or bald spots because they are not aware of the options that could make a significant difference to their quality of life and confidence.

50 percent of women will experience androgenic alopecia by the age of 50 due to genetics, which is equal to the percentage of men who will experience male pattern baldness at the same age. This is why the Cesare Ragazzi method of hair loss treatment aims to be the most personalized for those suffering from such a common problem.

What is Cesare Ragazzi?

The Cesare Ragazzi hair system was developed by the world-renowned Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories in Bologna, Italy. The non-surgical, non-invasive method includes creating a unique 3D print of the client’s scalp, known as a scalp-prosthesis. This prosthesis is guaranteed to fit an individual’s head perfectly, which means no more adjustments throughout the day or uncomfortable clips to help it stay in place. After virgin (never treated with chemicals or dyes) human hair has been selected to match the exact shade and texture of the clients’, it is expertly sewn into the prosthesis in a natural pattern. The system is bonded directly to the head with the help of dermatologist-tested, medical-grade adhesive that will last 12 to 18 months. It can be washed and styled like normal with minimal maintenance.

Is it just for bald spots?

Unlike male-pattern baldness, women who suffer from androgenic alopecia are more likely to experience hair thinning rather than bald spots. Many with this particular problem decide against wigs because they need improved volume or thickness, not a whole hair replacement. Cesare Ragazzi hair systems are made for those experiencing anything from thinning hair to full bald patches and blend in with an individual’s hair to achieve the ideal appearance of fullness.

Is it worth paying more than a wig?

Unlike many other alternatives that require invasive procedures or place tons of limitations on styling or treatment, a Cesare Ragazzi hair system will give you the freedom to express your unique style with no visible signs of artificial placement. Many users of this system have shared that they often forget they are wearing one at all! Unlike a wig, this hair system is breathable and will not cause discomfort even in the heat. Its ability to blend with the user’s natural hair seamlessly makes it stand out from all other alternatives. Standard wigs have a habit of leaving a blunt, unrealistic hairline without bangs or a headband to cover it, providing an even more uncomfortable and embarrassing experience. The Cesare Ragazzi prosthesis is made of polymer resin to mirror the distribution, style, and direction of your natural hair growth. This material is also incredibly lightweight and invisible, even up close, so you will be able to feel comfortable and confident with the quality hair you deserve. There is no more effective method of delivering the appearance of naturally growing hair without the need for surgery or limitations.