Hair loss plagues people of every age, gender, and ethnicity around the world. And, it often has an incredible impact on one’s sense of self-confidence.

Over 50 percent of people past the age of 50 will experience baldness to some degree, men and women alike. There is no shortage of individuals looking for ways to stop or even reverse hair loss, but in many cases, it’s not possible. This leaves many people looking for alternatives such as wigs, hair transplants, and implants, and newer innovations like the Cesare Regazzi method.

Customized Prosthetic

The Cesare Regazzi method is custom to every user by creating a 3D print of an individual’s scalp, also known as a scalp prosthesis. Untreated (virgin) human hair is expertly sewn into the prosthesis in a way that replicates the exact texture and direction of your natural hair growth. The scalp is then bonded directly to the head with a dermatologist tested, medical grade adhesive. You can wash and treat it exactly like your natural hair.


There are several other hair loss treatment methods to choose from, such as hair replacement procedures. Unlike the Cesare Regazzi method, transplantation techniques like micrografting,  skin grafting, or punch grafting are all surgical. The option of surgery often makes hair loss sufferers nervous, mainly because most surgery procedures call for the patient to be awake at all times. The recovery period of scalp surgery is also a concern for many as the implanted hair cannot be messed with for several weeks, and sleeping conditions must be accommodating to the healing hair follicles.


A topical solution or a cream applied directly onto the scalp, such as Rogaine is a widespread treatment, but less than 15 percent of users experience any growth at all. A pill may be prescribed to solve the same type of hair loss issue, but this must continue throughout the user’s life, or else the results are unsustainable.


None of this is a worry with a full scalp prosthesis, as the hair can be maintained as natural hair would. The only upkeep needed is a periodic check-in to make sure the hair is being kept at its best and the occasional wash that can be done on your own or at a salon. There are no factors that could limit the Cesare Regazzi method from working correctly on any user’s head or chances of fruitless results based on anyone’s health or medication.

Restoring self-confidence is possible; the Cesare Regazzi method makes it easy. 

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