Hair loss is an unfortunate product of several varying biological factors. It can affect anyone, at any age, and has done so for as long as we humans have grown hair.

Sometimes it can be a health concern, as many illnesses can cause hair loss. It can also have a massive impact on an individual’s confidence.


Male pattern baldness is inevitable for many men; you can blame genetics. Your father and grandfather’s hair condition could be indicators if this gene runs through your family, but fifty percent of all men will experience it after the age of 50.


Common treatments and therapies

While there are many treatments and methods to hide or improve hair loss over time, many will result in little to no effect. Less than fifteen percent of those who have used pills or a topical ointment see any improvement.


Several methods of transplantation surgery are usually more effective options. Unfortunately, they come with long recovery periods and don’t allow patients to treat their hair naturally until the scalp heals.


Cesare Regazzi

The Cesare Regazzi treatment is not a surgery, but a fully personalized method of mapping out an individual’s scalp and creating a membrane or cast of a breathable material that fits it perfectly. Matching virgin hair (never treated with dyes or chemicals) is meticulously sewn into the membrane before it is bonded directly to the individual’s head with a dermatologist tested, medical-grade adhesive. 


Many men may turn their heads at the thought of wearing anything wig-like. Fortunately, the Cesare Regazzi treatment takes every measure to assure the most realistic, natural-looking fit. The membrane is even tinted to match the individual’s skin tone while the hair is sewn into the membrane in a most precise way to replicate the exact texture, direction, and density of the hair around it. Once applied, the membrane is cut and blended by a professional to look as natural as possible.


While giving men with hair loss the confidence they deserve is a great benefit of this treatment; they also will not have to worry about changing their lifestyle around the new hair. Those who lead more active lives do not need to worry about sweat at the scalp as the material is thin and breathable. Their showering routine does not need to be altered for the new hair either. Activities such as swimming, bathing, or other athletic practices will not deter the adhesive or the hair. Those who routinely style their hair with product or heat tools can continue to do so because the hair sewn into the membrane is human hair, untouched by chemical treatments or dyes.

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