cincinnati hair lossHair loss and thinning hair can lead to a lot of consequences, both physical and emotional. Our Cincinnati hair loss clients come to us every day with new stories, each one is unique, but there is a recurring theme: a lack of confidence. Here are three of the leading struggles that men and women with hair loss have faced, and how Allusions can help to overcome them:

Struggle #1: Hiding Under A Hat

When you’re having a bad hair day, a simple temporary solution can be to throw on a hat. But what if every day was a bad hair day? Allusions client, Scott, began wearing a hat every day when he turned 17 as a result of hair loss. He had a job as a bartender and personal trainer so the hat felt natural in his environment (other than teaching his water aerobics class!). When he did need to remove his hat, say for the National Anthem, Scott would immediately feel self-conscious and lose his confidence.

 In his twenties, Scott wanted to interview for a job at a reputable insurance company, and he decided to do something about his thinning hair. That’s when Allusions stepped in:

“When I decided to get something done, I was concerned about how people would think about my hair. But when I finally did it, it was amazing. People didn’t even notice, they basically said, ‘you’re not wearing a hat! Your hair looks great!’ This has definitely been worth it for me. It’s instilled a lot of confidence.”

Struggle #2: The Constant Ponytail

If you have long hair, putting your hair up in a ponytail or bun is a simple solution when you don’t have the time to style. For clients with thinning hair, this can be an everyday struggle. Allusions client Christa wore her hair in a ponytail every day for years to try to hide her thinning hair. She also tried powders and special shampoos, but nothing would do the trick.

Eventually, she got some help from the Allusions staff:

“When I came out wearing my new hair, everybody said, ‘that looks so great, I’ve never seen you with your hair down! You should wear your hair down more often!’ I couldn’t help but smile because I knew the secret that they didn’t know… I got the confidence that I needed and it didn’t matter if it was my hair or not; it was my confidence.

Struggle #3: A Lack of Confidence

No matter what our clients have struggled with, there is always a recurring theme: a lack of confidence. Feeling good in your own skin (and hair) is so important, and having a full head of hair can instill self-confidence for a lot of men and women, like Allusions client Elisa:

“The more I started to notice [my thinning hair], the more it started to bother me, the more I became self-conscious about it. I started wanting to avoid having my photo taken, especially next to my friends who had more hair than I did.”

After Elisa visited Allusions, her attitude completely changed:

“I couldn’t’ be happier with my decision. The change in the way people react to me, the way they notice me, and the way that I notice myself has been remarkable. I have a lot more self-confidence now. It’s made a tremendous difference in my life.”

If you are familiar with any of these problems and want to change your hair, and your confidence, contact us at our Cincinnati office today! We will work with you to find the best solution for your hair, and guarantee you’ll love the results, inside and out.