Allusions aims to find solutions for those battling hair loss from the great state of Ohio. We understand that hair loss can be caused for many reasons and the stress and suffering that follow it. A free consultation is available for anyone looking for personalized options for hair restoration or cosmetic solutions in the Cincinnati area. Factoring in the severity of a client’s hair loss, the cause of it, their hair type, and budget, we can develop a treatment plan for any individual. Based in Cincinnati, Allusions offers the best range of options in the area for both men and women. The treatment methods we are best known for are listed below, including solutions for total baldness, patchiness, or thinning hair.

Top hair restoration solutions

  • Hair transplantation technology has come a long way in terms of effectiveness and comfort. By surgically extracting active hair follicles either individually or from a section of skin, they can be implanted into the affected area of the scalp. Discomfort is minimal, and the healing is quick. Most people see new growth within five to six months. This method has given countless people their confidence back along with their hair, and the failure rate is less than five percent!
  • Laser hair therapy is a modern hair regrowth method that requires no surgery, no healing time, and no discomfort at all. Low-strength light lasers stimulate affected areas of the scalp and “reactivate” inactive follicles by stimulating blood flow. No heat or pain in the slightest! While repeat sessions are necessary for results to show, hair growth can begin in just a few weeks. The new hair will be thicker and stronger than before and can repair most damage done by chemicals.

Top hair replacement solutions

  • Micro point link is a solution primarily for those who keep their hair short and want the illusion of natural growth. This non-surgical approach can increase the volume and density of hair where extensions cannot help. Natural-looking strands of Cyberhair are tied in four tiny knots on your natural hair by a professional to achieve realistic density and growth. Regular maintenance is needed, but it is an excellent solution for thinning hair. Over 600 new strands can be attached in just an hour.
  • Wigs can be comfortable, realistic, and manageable when you have a professional to find the best option for your unique needs. Allusions offers several collections of hairpieces for both men and women of any lifestyle. Wigs are an excellent option for those with severe hair loss or any need to cover the whole scalp.
  • ReAllusions or Graftique are both hair systems that are meant to enhance rather than cover the scalp. Both utilize a mesh or skin-like membrane that is comfortable and undetectable once in place. Our stylists select hair that matches your same color and texture perfectly before it is hand-sewn into the membrane to create a realistic growth pattern. These solutions are meant to blend with your natural hair and create the illusion of natural volume.