Cesare Regazzi for WomenWhen it comes to hair replacement options, the most common solution marketed towards women is wigs. While versatile and convincing, the average wig is no match for a customized Cesare Regazzi hair system for women. It combines modern technology with natural, virgin human hair for the highest quality and long-term results. Both 3D printed and handcrafted materials are used in the creation process; nothing is premade, and every detail is based around the client.

CNC is an Italian abbreviation for “Capellini Naturali a Contatto” or “Natural Contact Hair” in English. Sort of like how contacts are shaped to your eyes, your CNC hair system is held together by a comfortable cast of your scalp known as a prosthesis. This pseudo-scalp is breathable, flexible, and should be indistinguishable from the rest of your head.

The Prosthesis

Unlike a wig, a client’s CNC system is meant to stay attached indefinitely. There is no need to remove or cover the new hair while styling, showering, sleeping, or swimming. There are no restrictions. The prosthesis is specific to the wearer’s head shape thanks to scalp mapping technology. It will match a client’s skin tone, undetectable, and designed to stay cool and dry regardless of the local climate.  Both 3D printed and handcrafted materials are used in the creation process; nothing is premade, and every detail is based around the client.

A medical-grade adhesive is used to affix the prosthesis to the client’s scalp without irritation. No surgery or discomfort included.

The Hair

Human hair is hand-sewn into the prosthesis after matching the client’s shades. Each strand has a unique angle of growth, which is mimicked as closely as possible by hand. Every strand of replacement human hair is picked based on the client’s natural shades to integrate seamlessly with their real hair. No matter the lifestyle a client leads, their CNC hair system will continue to hold up and keep its realistic detail and durability. Other hair replacement methods cannot compete with a CNC hair system’s accuracy and flawless natural appearance. Maintenance is minimal, and the results stick around long-term. You will probably forget that you’re wearing anything on your head. There is a 100 percent success rate.



The CNC hair system is meant for women who suffer from thinning, patchiness, or baldness of any kind. This solution can be tailored to your personal needs, covering the entire scalp or just a few small areas. A specialist can evaluate your specific situation to determine if you are a proper candidate for this solution. Surgery or medications are required for most natural hair regrowth methods or transplants, but many people suffering from hair loss don’t have either option. A CNC hair system is not invasive at all and will not cause any health effects. No pills or supplements are needed. Medications, transplants, and surface treatments alike can’t guarantee the results you are striving for. Many clients seeking these treatment methods never see new hair growth despite the money they have spent.

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