CNC hair system for womenCesare Regazzi’s patented CNC hair system for women is the most cutting-edge hair replacement method on the market. CNC is the Italian abbreviation for “Capellini Naturali a Contatto,” or in English, “Natural Contact Hair.” The CNC systems combines modern technology and natural, virgin human hair for superior quality and long-term results. Using both 3D printed and handcrafted materials, Nothing is premade in the creation process. Every detail is customized for the client.

What is the process?

After consulting with a specialist to be evaluated, if the CNC system is recommended, A digital map of the scalp is created for a precise fit. A “clone” is then created of the client’s scalp, known as a prosthesis, which will match their skin tone. Specialists then choose human hair matching the natural texture and colors before hand-sewing them onto the prosthesis. This process creates the look of the strands growing in natural directions and blending with any real hair left uncovered. The completed hair system is then bonded to the scalp using a flexible, medical-grade adhesive which lasts for weeks.

What determines eligibility?

The CNC hair system is intended for women who suffer from patchiness, thinning, or baldness of any kind. Each strand of replacement human hair is chosen based on your hair’s natural shades in order to integrate flawlessly with your real hair. Regardless of your lifestyle, the CNC hair system will hold up, maintaining its realistic detail and resilience. There is no need to hide or remove the new hair while showering, styling, swimming, or sleeping. There are no limitations. While remaining undetectable, it is designed to remain cool and dry regardless of the climate.

What are the main benefits?

There are many of other hair loss treatments on the market, so why is the CNC hair system superior? The following is a list of the most significant benefits separating it from other hair solutions.

  • No medication or surgery. These are required for the majority of natural hair regrowth treatments or transplants. Many people who suffer from hair loss don’t have these options. The CNC hair system is not invasive and don’t have any ill side affects to your health. Medication can work for some people, but they need to be taken regularly throughout the rest of your life in order to be effective. Clients using a CNC system can effectively forget that they are wearing it. Only intermittent maintenance is needed for keeping their artificial and natural scalps in the best condition.
  • 100 percent rate of success. Transplants, medications, and surface treatments cannot guarantee the results you may want. Many people seeking these treatment methods may never see new hair growth despite spending the money. The CNC hair system is custom created for every person to ensure an impeccable, natural texture and appearance no matter what. Unlike the other treatments, you can relax knowing your money went towards a guaranteed outcome.
  • Minimal maintenance. Hair toppers and wigs work great for people having less to cover and don’t mind taking extra time to maintain them. While they are less expensive than near-permanent solutions, neither compares to a CNC hair system in design nor technology. For people in need of a long-term solutions with minimal hassle, the CNC hair system is like a dream come true. Sanitizing of the prosthesis and scalp are needed every three to five weeks, but that is all aftercare needed.

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