Cyberhair is a hair replacement system designed specifically for men with an active lifestyle. Men can swim, play basketball, run, go in the sauna – even skydive – with cyberhair.  Engineered in 1995, it is still the most superior fiber hair solution on the market. Cyberhair looks and feels like human hair.  It is heat-resistant, durable, comfortable, and retains its coloring extremely well.  Thanks to advanced technologies, your Cyberhair system lasts up to 2x longer than a natural human hair.  But unlike human hair, it dries perfectly!  No more misstyling.  Have the perfect doo every time.

Why Should I Go With Cyberhair?

The biggest reason to choose Cyberhair over other synthetic hair systems is because it’s in its own class!  No other system provides the uniformity, lightness, softness, body and lift, and style memory retention, quite like this!

Let us help you find a hair replacement system

We understand hair restoration and treatment options can be overwhelming, and a daunting task. That’s why, our wonderful team here at Allusions, are happy to answer any questions you may have about Cyberhair, or any of our other industry leading hair restoration solutions. Schedule a free, no obligation consultation today!  Reach out and call 513.891.5411.

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