While your focus on date night may be impressing your date, your friends, or yourself with a dazzling outfit or beauty routine, wearing a unique style around town is only half the fun. Not only should you strive to make a great impression, but you should have fun working on your new hair-do!

Learning a new hairstyle is a great way to feel confident and to squeeze in some me-time before going out. For every occasion, there is a hairstyle to try that will help you stand out from everyone else, ranging from beautifully intricate to simple and sultry. For more manipulation and volume, human hair extensions are your best choice because they will give you more hair to work with and will kick these looks up a notch or two. If you give a couple of these dos a try, you will have even more experience for even more dates to come!

Cascading Locks for a 5-Star Dinner

With the help of hair extensions, it is relatively simple to achieve great volume and perfectly sculpted twist braids above the curls or waves that drape down behind you. Be sure to use protective products to keep your hair or extensions safe when using heat tools. Even beautiful curls are not worth damage to your hair. The key to success with loose hairstyles is to add a bit of structure at the crown of your head, like a side-swept French braid in the front. If you would rather keep your hair pulled back, taking hair from the front to create braids that hold together behind you is as sultry as it gets. If you are in a rush and prefer to keep your hair down, applying gentle hair oil and slicking the front of your hair back is a confident statement when worn to a formal event. Even with straightened hair, these relaxed styles will be the talk of the hour during your date or get-together.

Updos to Stun and Inspire

If you have more time on your hands to prepare for any occasion, getting creative is what makes these updos unique and show-stopping. With practice, patience, and many hairpins, nothing can stop you from looking glamorous in these hairstyles. Get ambitious and festive with a heart-shaped bun using extensions for added volume and matching hairpins to sculpt this shape out of the classic donut bun. You can achieve a similar effect by twisting sections of hair and either pinning or tying it into a heart! If you are looking for a classy, timeless updo, try rolling a full braid upwards into a bun. After pinning it securely to your head, the bun should look crisscrossed and perfect for any occasion, fun or formal. Pair these hairstyles with delicate jewelry to emphasize their femininity.

Make sure to do something for yourself on date night, no matter who you are spending it with. Take a few style risks, learn something new, and make yourself feel beautiful the way you deserve. The first step is to get those extensions out and try out a few techniques! The practice will boost your confidence and help you feel amazing!