Are you tired of struggling with hair loss? At Allusions, we understand how distressing it can be. So, that’s why we’ve curated a range of hair loss products specifically designed to address the unique needs of women.

1. Biomedic Hair Care

 Our Biomedic line includes a pre-shampoo treatment, shampoo, and advanced styling conditioner. In addition, these products are formulated to combat dandruff, normalize sebaceous gland size, and amplify hair volume.

2. MX4 Formula

Looking for a powerful hair regrowth solution? MX4 combines minoxidil with hyaluronic acid and azelaicHair Loss Products acid to stimulate hair growth and block DHT effectively.

3. Biomedic Coenzyme Concentrate

Enhanced Coenzyme works in conjunction with triple-strength minoxidil to maximize hair growth potential. It contains essential vitamins and nutrients to support healthy hair growth.

4. Biomedic Permixion Caplets

Combat hair loss from within with our Permixon Complex softgel capsules. Formulated with saw palmetto and pumpkin seed, these capsules inhibit DHT production and promote hair growth.

5. Hair Support Product Line

 From cleansing and revitalizing shampoos to overnight scalp treatments, our Hair Support line offers comprehensive solutions for thinning hair and damaged scalp.

Don’t let hair loss hold you back. Explore our range of hair loss products for women and take the first step towards healthier, fuller hair today!