hairpiecesThe word, “toupee” can conjure up thoughts of a misshapen, misplaced chunk of fake hair dangling haphazardly from someone’s head. Not good! But today’s hairpieces look so natural that no one will even notice you are wearing one.

Hairpieces are the gentlest way to lengthen and thicken hair without damaging your own natural growing hair. And they can be used by those who are experiencing hair thinning or hair loss, but also by women who want to add volume and glamour to their existing hairstyle.

Perhaps we can credit celebrities for the popularity of extensions, worn to enhance their already glamorous looks. Adding length, ponytails, ponytail wrappers or additional fullness on top has become commonplace. You can achieve your own high style with a hairpiece from Allusions.

Some things to look for with hairpieces:
•    Your probably want to look for a human hair hairpiece for an optimal look
•    Avoid braided attachments as it can pull too tightly on your scalp
•    Be wary of using medical tape to attach
•    Opt for the clip-in style, ideally with silicone-covered cross bars and U-shaped tines for the best hold

Allusions can order your hairpiece with the right texture for your hair. We’ll color it to match and integrate it into your own hair for a natural look. Women with thinning hair don’t have to wear their hairpieces every day – just when you want to add some volume and fullness. But we find you’ll like the look so much, you’ll want to wear it all the time!

We’ll teach you how to care for and maintain your hairpiece so you can expect to get about 12-14 months of wear out of your hairpiece.

Let’s see what a hairpiece can do for you!