At Allusions, we believe we have the most qualified hair loss specialists in the industry and we’d like to celebrate their loyalty and expertise!  In 2014, we had several anniversaries at Allusions — Sarah Nesbitt (pictured far left) celebrates 17 years working at Allusions, Samantha Saddler 5 years, Mary Jo Phillips 16 years and Angie Clopton 10 years!  Also, not pictured, yet equally as celebrated are Katie Stephens who celebrates her 1 year anniversary at Allusions and Rachel Rizzo 10 years.

We are incredibly grateful to have such an amazing team of hair loss specialists here at Allusions!  Our team is made up of incredibly dedicated and talented technicians, who give their heart and soul to make Allusions the best hair replacement salon in the region.

Please congratulate them on their hard work during your next visit!