The emotional toll of female hair loss

Hair loss negatively affects the psyche of both men and women. This blog in no way seeks to diminish the challenges balding men face, but mistakenly, many people think of hair loss as a strictly male disease. Sadly, this misconception about female baldness has resulted in women silently suffering. Instead of seeking help, many just style their hair to hide thinning patches, avoid social situations and ultimately feel worse and worse about themselves. In fact, The American Dermatological Society says balding females reported a higher incidence of behavior that interfered with their daily lives, including a significant loss of self-esteem, and feeling introverted, less attractive, and tense in public places.

 You don’t have to live with female baldness

The key to successful regrowth is first acknowledging that hair thinning is happening to you. Each day you dwell in denial, you’re losing precious time because the more hair you’ve lost, the less likely it is to all grow back. Over the last decade, there has been much advancement in hair restoration, so women today fortunately have hair replacement options that look and feel natural and are undetectable to others. Allusions offers a wide selection of services, treatments, and products for all types of hair loss, whether it be mild, moderate or advanced.

 Take strength in numbers

You’re not alone. Up to 30 million U.S. women have thinning hair. The Women’s Hair Loss Project   is a great way to meet and connect with other women who are experiencing hair loss. Reading other women’s personal accounts of female balding is a great way to heal.