In middle and high school, the last thing that should be on your mind is a hair replacement solution. You should be focused on your friends, classes, and the future of your education and career. For Cameron, focusing on these things became more difficult as her hair continued to thin. 

“I was really worried about going to college because I was made fun of a few times, especially in middle school. I wanted to start over again…”

Whether you’re 15 or 55, you’re not alone. One in four women suffer from thinning hair and hair loss. Picking up the phone and researching solutions can take a lot of courage, but it’s important to wait until you’re ready. For Cameron, she decided to make a change after high school; an easy transition since her college classmates wouldn’t know the difference! 


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Before you pick up the phone, there are some simple at-home options to try to improve your thinning hair. To start, avoid a longer cut—stick with shoulder length and above, as this can help thicken the look of your hair. Second, when picking a hair color, choose a shade that is similar to that of your scalp, which will help camouflage the transition between your hair and your skin. Lastly, try parting your hair in a different spot–switch sides, or even try the middle. Try this tactic before, or even after you dry your hair to see which works best for you.

If these don’t work for you or you’re ready to improve your look more permanently, here are three simple, non-surgical solutions to give you your confidence back:

Graduated Enhancement

The Graduated Enhancement Method is a totally undetectable and proven hair replacement solution for women of all ages. This method enhances the volume of your own hair using 100% human hair, making the solution look and feel completely natural. We know that each woman is different, and each Graduated Enhancement solution is fully customized to meet the needs for a specific pattern of hair loss, from thinning in the crown to hair loss along the hairline to full coverage.

Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are the gentlest way to lengthen and thicken hair without damaging your own natural growing hair. Not only can they be used by those who are experiencing thinning hair and hair loss, but also by women who want to add volume or even glamour to their look. Allusions carries a complete line of hair extensions crated from human hair and available in a variety of lengths! Consider hair extensions when:

  • It’s time for a new look
  • Your hair is thinning
  • You want to add some glamour to your look


Wigs are often the last solution on a woman’s mind because they worry it won’t look natural. At Allusions, the results are quite the opposite! Women searching for a great, natural looking wig can take comfort knowing that the options available to them today are vastly improved from even just ten years ago.

Allusions offers all of these solutions and more! Schedule a free, confidential, no obligation consultation today by calling 513.891.5411.