People spend a lot of time restoring things – furniture, cars, collectibles. History and hardware come to mind, but what about hair restoration?

Over the last decade, there have been many advancements in hair restoration, so men and women with thinning hair have some great hair replacement products and options that look and feel natural and are undetectable to others.

Allusions offers a wide selection of services, treatments, and products for all types of hair loss, whether it be mild, moderate or advanced. Our trained staff works with you to find the best hair restoration method based on the following:

 Type of hair loss

 Severity of hair loss

 Your age

 Any health conditions you may have

 Hair restoration cost

 The type of look you want to achieve

In past blog posts, we’ve discussed the benefits Laser Hair Therapy and its impressive results – especially with male pattern baldness in men and women. We also work with you to determine a course of treatment products that will help the health of your scalp and create the perfect environment for hair restoration.

Some other non-surgical hair restoration methods we recommend include:

 Graduated Enhancement Method

 Graftique

 ReAllusions

 MicroPoint Link Therapy

In the coming months, we’ll explore each of these methods in detail. When it comes to hair restoration treatments and procedures, knowledge is power. Learn the ins and outs of hair restoration. And please share your questions and results with us!