Hair transplants are one of the most diverse and customizable hair loss replacement procedures available. This time-tested method is one of the most common treatments for male pattern baldness, and when done right, can be completely undetectable!

Hair transplants are surgical procedures that require the hand of an expert surgeon. Wondering if hair transplants are the right solution for you? Let’s walk through the process and help you further understand what goes into hair transplant surgery and who are the best candidates.

What Are Hair Transplants?

Those suffering from male pattern baldness will notice the specific areas of their head that have thinning hair – most often, the top. Hair transplantation is about relocating the bald resistant follicles (those on back and sides of the head) to the areas where the follicles have thinned and are no longer growing hair (the top of the head). Hundreds or thousands of individual hairs may be transplanted during a single session. The advanced technique used by our surgeons makes hair look like it’s growing naturally out of your head, in fact, the results are so natural that not even you hair stylist will know the difference. 

Allusions partners with expert surgeons at Transitions Hair Restoration. These surgeons understand the nuances of how to customize your look to fit your specific needs. After all, men and women experience hair loss differently, and no two hairlines are the same.

Should I Consider Hair Transplants?

If you suffer from male pattern baldness but still have areas of thick hair around the back and sides of your head, hair transplants could be the perfect solution for you. The success of your hair transplant surgery will depend on a) how much hair you have left that can be transplanted, and b) the size of the bald or thinning area you wish to cover. 

Hair transplant surgery can also be a good solution for women who suffer from patchy areas of thinning hair or baldness, similar to male pattern baldness.

Let us help you

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