Is Your Hair As Young-Looking As The Rest of You?   

Plastic Surgery, Botox and Hair.

 You may have noticed in recent years that plastic surgery is becoming less of privilege for the rich and famous, and more common among everyday people. Perhaps you know friends or co-workers who have undergone a procedure, or have heard about the long list of minimally-invasive treatments – such as BOTOX® that come with very few risks and a short recovery time. With the increased safety of many procedures, and the promises of longer-lasting beauty, it’s no surprise that the plastic surgery industry has grown to record heights.

For women undergoing peels, brow lifts, BOTOX® and other minimally invasive facial procedures, one key part of their face and beauty is often left behind – hair!

The result for women out of plastic surgery procedures then, is that their faces look young while their hair ages – creating a less than desirable look, and reducing the real value (and money spent!) on expensive plastic surgeries.  Hair loss can happen at any age, but women and men over a certain age are more vulnerable to hair loss.

As many women begin considering surgery, they should consider hair restoration treatments or hair enhancements to fully complement their beauty routines.

So what’s the solution?

Ultimate Revive:  The ultimate hair treatment regimen for dry, dull, aging or over-processed hair.  Includes relaxing and revitalizing treatments as well as laser hair therapy treatments to control hair loss and get your hair in pristine condition!

Top of the head hair enhancers:  Beautiful and discreet hair integrated with your own hair.  A perfect solution to give you just the right amount of hair, not too much, not too little. This solution helps disguise any type of hair loss – from the crown to skimpy all-over hair loss.

Extensions- These range from discreet solutions for the top of the head to long, luxurious body and length.

Does your hair match the rest of you?  Does your hair loss show your real age? If you’re looking for hair loss solutions or hair restoration solutions, call Allusions today!