The beginning of summer marks a time to get with the latest trends in hairstyle. Allusions wants to show you some of the top styles!  Especially if you are about to fill your social media page with pictures of an upcoming vacation.

Make sure you look fresh in every photo and spice up your style with trends represented by countless celebrities and professionals. The theme this summer seems to be personalization; these styles are meant to compliment every face shape with ease because they can be altered in simple ways. Length and thickness are left up to your personal preference to match your shape perfectly.

With that said, a shorter length overall seems favorable this summer; we are lopping off those inches used to cover up in cold weather and choosing to show off our necks and shoulders to the sun. Examples of this are becoming increasingly popular as the temperature rises, but it makes sense. Are you preparing your style for summer?

Take a look at these rising (or continuing) trends from pop culture icons and the general public for inspiration.

The Round Bob

It’s no secret the bob has been trending for a while now, but this summer is truly its moment to shine as it has been worn recently by dozens of stars like Kim Kardashian West and Hailey Baldwin. This blunt cut is predicted not to budge from the trending list any time soon due to its simplistic beauty.

As simple as it may be, there is an art to the round bob’s style. The length can be adjusted based on which features you wish to highlight, though a chop at the jaw is perhaps the most popular this summer.

The Modern Shag

All of the spring’s trending slicked-back or perfectly-polished dos have an effortless (but certainly not lazy) competitor this summer. It seems as though today’s hairstylists have taken inspiration from a popular cartoon character as the shaggy, messy hair is no longer seen as a sign of someone who can’t take care of themselves, but as someone with a modern, carefree sense of style. It is often paired with retro or blunt bangs to add to the eighties fashion 2019 has been stealing from.

When wearing minimalist outfits or anything retro alongside this effortlessly cool hairstyle, you’ll be sure to show everyone you know what you are doing as you keep up with the best modern trends.

The Natural Textures

You won’t see many fashion icons getting rid of their natural waves or curls this season; we are wearing what our mamas gave us and showing it all off. Full-bodied curls are being embraced and styled based on facial shape, wild waves are better left untamed to achieve a fashion-forward look, and straight hair is ditching layers for the blunt cut.

If curling or straightening is your thing, simply tease it out and let it sit naturally rather than keeping the result super smooth and artificial. We love seeing this trend of embracing our natural beauty and wearing it with pride.