You’ve noticed lately that your BFF has thinning hair. You’ve known her most of her life, after all and you remember teasing up and hairspraying those bangs in the 80s. But now, you can almost see part of her scalp across the top of her head. What do you do?

Honesty is the best policy and gently letting your friend know that you care about her is paramount. You guys talk about inside jokes, crushes, gossip and everything, after all, don’t you?

Talking to someone about thinning hair is a delicate matter, indeed. There is no “one size fits all” approach for this, but here are some tips for handling the situation sensitively.

  • Think long and hard about this before you act. Can your friend face this? Will you do more harm than good? Can you be painfully honest with her?

  • Be discreet. Do not talk about this with others or talk to her in front of others. This is a one-on-one conversation.

  • Listen as much as you talk.

  • Keep it short.

  • Offer solutions. Let her know that Allusions offers a free, no-obligation consultation.

  • Be yourself.

  • Whatever you do and however you say it, do not, under ANY circumstances try to show empathy by complaining about your thick and unruly hair. This will backfire. Big time!

Prepare yourself for several outcomes. Some anger and lashing out may be coming your way. Or the waterworks may turn on. Just remember, this is your best friend and she deserves nothing but the best from you. Hug it out!