If you’re looking for a simple way to volumize and give length to your hair without waiting several months to grow it out, hair extensions from Allusions in Cincinnati are the way to go. These magical strips of hair can naturally accentuate your look while seamlessly blending into your actual locks. If you’re trying to achieve fuller or longer hair, extensions are meant to emphasize your style in the most effortless way possible.


Special Occasions

Holidays and parties are events that motivate us to put more effort into our looks. Impressing our friends, family members, and coworkers is a great feeling, and it’s easy to feel good about yourself when your hair reflects your style and mood. Temporary extensions like halos or clip-ins work perfectly for special occasions or days where you want to add a bit more natural glamour to your look. If you have shorter hair that is difficult to work with, adding extensions will allow you to put it up in elegant dos fit for a fancy dinner or get-together.


A Natural Spotlight

Many who haven’t tried using extensions fear that they could be identified beneath their real hair, but they come in a variety of colors, lengths, textures, and thicknesses to match to your own. If your hair is thin, extensions can be found according to your needs to give it a volume that makes you feel confident and gorgeous.


“But what if my hair is colored unnaturally?”


The modern trend of dying hair all kinds of fun colors continues to grow in popularity. Luckily many extensions, both synthetic and natural, can be dyed with the same dye you use for your real hair. Say you’re not too sure if artificial colors are for you, dying your extensions and blending a new color in with the rest is an incredible look. Not only that, it can help you decide if a color change is right for you. A decision like a dramatic hair color change can be conflicting when you haven’t had experience with those colors. Even if you’re still sporting the color you were born with, extensions can give your hair a “face-lift” and make you stand apart from the crowd.


So Many Styles

Experimenting with elaborate hairstyles can be tough if you don’t have enough hair to work with in the first place. Once you try extensions, you’ll realize the opportunities for all new styles that you don’t see just anywhere. Luxurious ponytails, extravagant braids, and smooth, flowing waves are just a peek at the options you’ll have to work with for an exciting style every day. If you think clipping in extensions each morning is too much work, try something that will last longer like tape-ins. They’ll stay in your hair for 6-9 weeks and, despite their longevity, they’re very gentle on your strands.


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