It’s a common misconception that wigs look fake, unnatural and nothing like real hair. While this used to be the case with older, more generic types of wigs and hair pieces, it’s simply not the case these days! We debunked this myth in our recent post and wanted to expand on the matter.

Did you know that wigs now have beautiful highlights, lowlights and can actually look like your own hair, growing from your own scalp? They can be trimmed, thinned, layered and styled–just like your own hair.

Synthetic or human hair wigs are an affordable option that look, feel and even move like the real thing. There are a wide range of hair styles, colors, densities, textures and lengths available to suit your individual style.

You can choose a wig to match what your natural hair looks like, or you can go for a completely new style. In fact, you can even change a human hair wig to suit your mood or the occasion, by styling, straightening and curling your wig like you would natural hair. Put simply, our wigs make it possible for you to have fun with your new look.

If you are in need of a new summer look, stop on by our office and see what we have.  As always, we offer free hair consultations and love to see old friends.