With Mother’s Day around the corner, you are probably thinking about all the things you got from your mom. Perhaps you have her dimples, her eyes or her smile. Maybe, just maybe you’ve noticed that you also have thinning hair like her too. It is often said that baldness or thinning hair comes from your mother’s side. “Take a look at your maternal grandfather’s hair and that’s what you can expect.” This often-heard phrase is not entirely true. Genetics does play a major role in hair loss or thinning hair, but your hair future is determined by genes from BOTH sides of your family.

Hereditary baldness is usually diagnosed by its pattern – an M-shape in men at the forehead and temples and a more widespread Christmas tree pattern on the top of the head in women. Hereditary baldness is also characterized when a similar type of hair loss affects other family members.

The important thing is not so much whose side of the family is causing it, it’s that we fix it. To learn more about the causes of hair loss, tune in to one of our latest videos featuring Allusions Owner, Jeanne Sheldon, talking about causes and solutions.

Preventative treatment is key and the earlier you start it, the better off you’ll be. If you are concerned about your thinning hair, we can perform a complimentary scalp analysis and look at the pattern and help you understand what is happening and how we can help.

Happy Mother’s Day!