Pool parties, cookouts, beach vacations, and hot weather is the norm this time of the year. Some wig wearers can stand in the sun for hours without being fazed, but for others, it’s the equivalent of sitting in a sauna with a motorcycle helmet on. For people who absolutely can’t tolerate the heat of this season (especially those going through chemotherapy, which requires staying cool), wearing a wig doesn’t seem like a feasible option.

Unfortunately, choosing not to wear a wig can be a difficult choice for those who have experienced hair thinning or complete loss. Wigs lend confidence to those who do not feel whole without hair, so what are some ways to ensure comfort while wearing one in the sun?

Switching Human Hair for Synthetic

Human hair wigs are known for looking and feeling so much more luxurious than any other synthetic alternatives, but making the switch for the summer might be a smarter option.

Human hair is heavy. In this weather, having as much weight off of your head as possible is crucial for keeping cool, and synthetics use lightweight fiber that can be three times lighter than natural hair. Human hair wigs also react the same way to humidity, and high temperatures as our natural hair, meaning sweat and frizziness can ruin your style. All in all, synthetic wigs should be your summer go-to.

Using Anti-Humidity Spray and Reducing Products

Styling your wig is probably a large part of your routine and different products such as gel, mousse, hairspray, and leave in conditioner can weigh your hair down even more while sealing off any exits for heat to escape from your scalp. Luckily, many synthetic wigs come pre-styled!

Anti-humidity spray is one product to use for the best summer results. It acts similar to deodorant, discouraging sweat from forming under and around the wig cap while also preventing frizz. Just be sure to clean your wig, so this product doesn’t cause you more issues than you are ready for.

Wear a Lighter Color

There is one huge reason to avoid black clothing in the heat; the dark color soaks up all the heat it can muster, especially in the sun. Wearing a light-colored wig can reflect the sunlight and keep your head so much cooler than blacks or browns. If you’re afraid to go full blonde, even moving just a few shades lighter than what you are used to can make a world of difference.

Wash Your Wig

Along with foul odor and an unpleasant texture, sweat can build up in your wig and weigh it down against your head trapping extra heat in the extreme weather. Even useful products like anti-humidity spray can build up and cause a greater issue, primarily because your head generates more heat than any other part of the body. Make sure to clean it more often than you do other times of the year for this reason.

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