laser hair therapyThe latest non-surgical technology has made hair regrowth possible for anyone suffering from hair loss, thinning, baldness, or other scalp-related issues. Promising results from all over the world have made laser hair therapy a popular and sought-after solution.

Because this hair regrowth technique is still relatively new, there is a lot of confusion about how it works and why it’s worth your time and money. If you want to know if this is the solution for you, continue reading for the simple truth about laser hair therapy.

Laser Hair Therapy is entirely painless and non-invasive.

Most hair loss solutions involve at least a little bit of stress on the scalp from either injection, hair tying, or surgery. Laser hair therapy has been widely accepted as painless and non-invasive in comparison.

Patients merely sit beneath a device that covers the scalp and delivers light energy using low-level lasers. This innovative process is known as low-level laser light therapy (LLLT). The lasers stimulate blood flow throughout the scalp, leading to the stimulation of hair follicles to grow new, healthier hair.

The patient will not feel any pain during or after the procedure. They are free to read and relax until the treatment is over. There is no aftercare necessary and no restrictions on activity or touch.

It promotes the growth of healthy, dense hair.

Hair loss happens for many reasons, but it usually starts as a patch of thinning hair or a thinning hairline. It is best to seek laser hair therapy treatments before complete bald spots form. Still, the process can essentially help inactive hair follicles “wake up” even after years of no new growth.

Whether the whole scalp needs LLLT or just a few patches, the lasers can direct the light energy to affected areas. After a few weeks of consistent treatment sessions, most patients can see a difference in their hair’s texture and fullness. While it might take longer for other people to see results depending on the scalp issue, continued treatment has shown that laser hair therapy can even repair hair follicles damaged by salon chemicals. Most patients note that the new hair is softer, shinier, and less prone to breakage.

It stops the progression of hair loss in 85 percent of patients.

Everyone is different, so results may vary from person to person. LLLT technology is relatively new, and there are no long-term studies of its effects. So far, this treatment has proven successful in both regrowing hair and stopping hair loss progression. While more research is needed to improve laser hair therapy’s effectiveness, Allusions experts take special consideration of the individual’s scalp to provide the best possible experience and results. Before treatments start, we perform a complete scalp and hair evaluation and carry out a customized therapy program.

Patients treated regularly see the best results, but we understand that constant visits may not be possible. Allusions offers portable options to take the treatments home! The laser comb and laser cap are available along with in-salon laser hair therapy.