Allusions has been offering laser hair therapy in our salon to effectively treat the appearance of thinning hair for quite some time. During a 20-minute treatment, a device is placed over your scalp and low-energy light is delivered directly to the affected areas, stimulating blood flow and encouraging new hair growth. To maximize laser hair therapy’s results, it’s very important to attend regular treatment sessions. And for some, it’s difficult to fit weekly laser hair therapy appointments into an already jam-packed schedule. But thanks to recent advances in technology, laser hair therapy—in the form of a comb or cap—is now available for home use.

Is home laser hair therapy as effective as salon treatments?

Yes. You can expect to see salon results using the HairMax laser comb and the iGrow laser cap , given you strictly follow the recommendations prescribed by the device manufacturer and Allusions staff. And best of all, the HairMax laser comb and the iGrow laser cap allow you to have laser hair therapy in the comfort of your own home, at a time that best suits your busy schedule.

Are these products difficult to use?

No. Laser comb users simply need to devote eight to fifteen minutes, three days a week for laser hair therapy. The even more convenient iGrow® laser cap also requires treatments three days a week, but it’s cordless and hands free, allowing you to walk around the house and enjoy your favorite activities all while improving hair growth. It’s also fully adjustable, lightweight and comfortable. And if you’re an iPod or MP3 player enthusiast, the cap has built in compatible headphones.

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