When Christina first came to Allusions she was incredibly nervous about the idea of wearing a hair enhancement or hair piece to help supplement her thin hair, but now she can’t imagine her life without it.  She can’t believe how natural it looks and feels!  Christina says she had no idea the impact her thinning hair was having on her self-esteem and over all well-being.  While she always knew she had thin hair, she never really considered an alternative because she didn’t understand what options were available to her, but when she came to Allusions we helped her find the best, most natural looking solution tailored to her needs.  We wanted it to be something she could wear everyday, and we wanted it to be subtle enough that friends, family and co-workers wouldn’t notice the difference.  She says, everyone thinks she looks younger, happier and healthier but nobody can pinpoint the change.  Most people assume she’s lost weight, colored her hair, or changed her make-up regiment because it looks and feels completely natural!

Christina loves her hair enhancement so much that she even sent us a picture of her on vacation with her new locks.  Christina says it’s changed her life and enhanced her appearance in ways she never could have imagined!