With every new year comes a jumble of new “hair trends” that we all have to endure. And with each new trend, our hair undergoes new products, tools, treatments, colors, scrunchies (yes, they’re BACK), twists, turns, etc. We’re all for keeping up with the times — we just want your hair to be healthy as it goes through all of these exciting new changes!

Here are the top three hair trends of 2018 — and our tips for keeping your hair healthy as you explore each trend.

1. Curls, Curls, Curls

This was a big one in 2017, too — and it’s not going anywhere. With each year, curls get bigger, bolder, and bouncier. If your hair is naturally curly, keep it hydrated with a nourishing shampoo, and if you diffuse it, always use a heat protectant.

For those of use that weren’t blessed with natural curls, we have to fake it till we make it with curling irons and flat irons. Just be sure you’re always using a heat protectant spray — or, even better, ditch the hot tools and try scrunching or mousse. Your hair will thank you!

2. Headscarves

We’re thrilled to see this one on the list! After all, headscarves are an effective (and fashionable) way to temporarily cover any thinning or lost hair. Plus, headscarves aren’t damaging to our hair at all, making it our favorite trend of 2018.

Our only note here — if you are using your headscarf to cover hair loss that is more permanent, ask your doctor what may be causing the hair loss or come in for a consultation.

3. Scrunchies

We told you! You haven’t stepped into a time machine, this isn’t the 1990s; SCRUNCHIES HAVE RETURNED. And they’re here to stay. (Just kidding.) Pop Sugar tells us that we’re now supposed to refer to them as “hair clouds” but we don’t know how to feel about that.

While they’re here, just remember to buy scrunchies, er, hair cloud with a soft exterior — anything with rubber could pull out your hair, which is never fun.

Which new hair trends are you most excited about? Tell us in the comments below!