Major Signs of Men’s Hair LossIt is better to catch scalp problems early, just like any other health issue. Major signs of men’s hair loss can strike at any point in a their lives, given various genetic and lifestyle factors. You may have heard medical notices reminding everyone to check their skin or extremities for unfamiliar moles, lumps, or spots, all of which are early signs of illness that can quickly spiral out of control.

Balding can cause a lot of long-term suffering and is difficult to treat after severe hair loss has occurred. The earlier an individual recognizes the signs of hair loss, the easier it is to treat. Not only does this mean that a treatment is more effective, it is less money out of your pocket to keep up with stubborn bald spots. It is crucial to keep a close eye on the condition of your scalp and hair in order to maintain a full head of hair throughout your life. These are a few common signs of early hair loss or scalp issues that fuel the fire.

Excessive Shedding

Finding hair in the shower drain, caught in your comb, or on your pillowcase can be a concerning sight, but around one hundred strands of hair are shed each day naturally. The human scalp goes through a constant life cycle of growing hair, pausing, and then letting it go to maintain a fresh mane. Don’t be paranoid and instead get to know your scalp. It’s when something changes that you need to start worrying. If you notice more hair on the brush or in the drain each day, it is time to get checked out by a professional.

Hair is Taking Longer to Grow

A very early sign of male pattern baldness is a shorter hair growth cycle. A healthy growth cycle lasts between two and six years, after which the follicle goes dormant, and the hair separates from the scalp. Therefore, the shorter your hairs’ growth cycle becomes, the slower it grows, and the more hair is shed.

If you notice that you have to schedule haircuts less frequently or are not getting the same results after letting your hair grow out, it might be time to see a specialist.

Scalp Irritation

You may have heard the myth that wearing caps can cause baldness. This misinformation has been around for decades, but that does not mean wearing hats too often is entirely harmless. While hats are not a direct contributor to baldness, they can trap oils, sweat, and heat tight against the scalp. Feeling warm and bundled up in the winter can be worth the occasional itchy scalp. Still, your head needs a chance to air out if you want to avoid dryness and eventual fallout. A buildup of oil can cause irritation and may even stunt hair growth temporarily if the scalp continues to be suffocated on frequent occasions. If you plan on wearing hats, wigs, or anything without adequate breathability, make sure to moisturize and give your scalp the treatment and recovery it deserves.

If you feel you are beginning to see the major signs of men’s hair loss, reach out today!  Schedule your FREE consultation with one of our hair-loss experts, and let us create your specific hair-restoration solution!