Many of my clients are men whose hair loss has taken a significant toll on their self esteem. The most common type of men’s hair loss—male pattern baldness—affects up to 50 percent of men. This type of men’s hair loss follows a pattern of receding hairline and hair thinning on the crown. It’s caused by genetic predisposition and the sex hormone androgen. Unfortunately, male pattern baldness cannot be prevented. It can, however, be treated. Our restoration specialists offer a number of highly effective men’s hair loss solutions.

Don’t let men’s hair loss get you down

Our restoration specialists are committed to giving you back your self confidence.  They’ll work with you to offer the most natural and technologically advanced solutions to meet your individual needs and lifestyle. The restoration specialists at Allusions offer the following men’s hair loss solutions:

• Laser Hair Therapy
• Graftique
• Folligraft
• Micro Point Link
• Permagraft
• Cyberhair
• Hair Transplants

Many things can affect men’s hair loss

Not too long ago I read an interesting article that listed 21 reasons why both men and women lose their hair. I mention this because I want you to know there are other factors, aside from male pattern baldness, that can cause men’s hair loss. Most of these are associated with an underlying health condition (that needs to be treated) or medication. In these cases, your hair loss solution may hinge on diagnosis and treatment of a medical problem or simply switching medications.