Folligraft and PermagraftFor centuries, men around the world experiencing hair loss have used hairpieces or wigs to cover their scalps. Today, a lot of needless shame surrounds the idea of men using hair replacements. Hair loss is so common and can be caused by various issues. Yet, many people feel stuck between this shame and suffering without another solution. Surgical methods of implanting hair follicles are far more expensive and potentially painful when compared to modern hair replacement options. Fortunately, there is a wide variety of non-surgical solutions to fit anyone’s needs. Two long-term solutions that use innovative, modern techniques to achieve realistic results are called Folligraft and Permagraft.

What is Folligraft?

This method of hair replacement gives a client the results of a surgical hair transplant without the surgery. A medical-grade membrane is bonded to the client’s scalp. This invisible layer holds onto the replacement hair as it is implanted. Human donor hair will be matched to your natural color and texture before being embedded a few strands at a time. Our experts use techniques that allow the new hair to look and move naturally no matter the activity. Minimal upkeep is necessary, and it can be styled and customized by the client at any time.

Who is it for?

Folligraft hair replacement is for men who suffer from thinning or balding hair, alopecia, cancer-related hair loss, and burn or scar victims. It can cover patches of lost hair, a full head of hair, and thinning areas while shaping up the hairline. The membrane is invisible and allows your natural scalp to show through, making it undetectable and realistic. It can be worn comfortably in any climate or during any activity because it is porous and incredibly lightweight. You won’t even remember you are wearing it!

What is Permagraft?

This innovative, non-surgical approach to hair replacement is focused on the small details that make a head of hair look seamlessly natural. Like the Folligraft method, Permagraft uses only human hair and a porous membrane that bonds to the scalp. Our experts are focused on precision as they strategically implant hairs in natural positions of growth for maximum effect. Hair grows vertically, so much of the donor hair is placed this way to make the hair system look as realistic as possible.

Even under close inspection, there should be no way to tell that this hair system is in place. Minimal upkeep is necessary, and it can be cut, colored, washed, and styled just like your natural hair.

Who is it for?

Permagraft hair replacement is an excellent option for men who are often on camera, in the public eye, or under bright lights. Because of how the new hairs are positioned, they will appear as if they are growing with your natural hair!

If a realistic, genuinely undetectable hair addition is the greatest priority in your search for a hair loss solution, Permagraft may be the answer. Only the highest quality materials are used during the implantation process for the best long-lasting results.

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