Losing any amount of hair can add a large sum of stress to a man’s daily life. Be it a temporary inconvenience or a permanent loss, the advice and treatment suggestions that come with such an experience can be more than overwhelming. Cost aside, there are many reasons why someone would not want to choose hair regrowth options, such as hair transplants or laser hair therapy. Methods of temporary hair replacement are known as hair systems. Some can be taken off at any time, while others are secured to the wearer’s scalp using a medical-grade adhesive. However, this means that the system can wear down over time and may need replacing to maintain a realistic appearance.  Allusions offers men’s hair loss systems for any man experiencing any type or severity of hair loss. These services include Graftique, Permagraft, Folligraft, and Cyberhair.


The first hair graft system on the list uses a mesh cap to create a hairline that feels as real as it looks. This mesh allows existing hair to blend with the new strands. Men suffering from hair loss or thinning can wear this, as the density of the system is made to fit a unique individual. The color and style of the hair can be customized and styled every day like normal. Regular haircuts may be needed to maintain an even thickness.


This hair graft technique has the most natural appeal. A light to medium density micro skin membrane is used for the most realistic appearance all the way down to the root. This membrane is breathable and allows the client’s hair to blend right in with the replacement human hair. This system gives the illusion of real hair growth due to the natural-looking upright placement of each individual hair on the membrane. Just like any hair system, this one will occasionally need to be replaced when it wears down from usage.


This last hair graft system is favored for its versatility, as it can be placed in one or several areas at a time. This is helpful for covering bald patches, alopecia, or scar tissue with the ability to be integrated right back into the natural hair. Instead of mesh, a porous membrane is used in order to create the illusion of skin and blend evenly. No matter how uneven the hair loss may be, this system is designed to mimic the direction and pattern of the client’s natural growth for full realism.


This hair replacement system is specifically designed for men with active lifestyles, as it is more heat resistant, durable, and long-lived than human hair. The color and strength of every strand is guaranteed to last. Even after getting wet, cyberhair takes minutes to dry and bounces back into it’s original style. It is favored for feeling light and soft after any activity.


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