The trends we here at Allusions have spotted in 2019 for men of all ages are centered mostly around a look with shaved sides and some length on top, but there are countless ways to customize this look. No matter your face shape or hair type, you will be able to pull these looks off with little effort. Below are some ways to alter this style and make it your own.

Texture to the Top

With an undercut and hair on the top left over to play with, you have so many options like slicking it back. It’s a classy look that works around any lifestyle. There’s no doubt you’ll look cool and organized with a slick look like this one. Another option is the popular textured quiff, a style that stands up and makes a statement all on its own. It is popular for a reason, it looks good on everyone, and no matter how many wear it they all look unique.

Mix it Up

An increasing number of men are going for a more wild or natural look than the traditional high fades. Let the sides grow out a bit which looks the best with naturally textured hair; we want to see those locks rest as the morning intended. In a sense, groom less to achieve this relaxed style. There’s nothing to be ashamed of if you bust out a curling iron either, do what you must. This looks just as great as any tidy version you’ve seen on the internet.

A Twist on the Afro

Whether your hair is big, long, messy or compact and you’ve been blessed with course curls, you can pull off the twisted afro. The stylish move of twisting sections up at the ends is modern and quite trendy. Allowing your hair to grow out wild and free is what this look is all about, it can be presented in a fun yet classy way. This style will amplify the shape and texture, giving your hair the attitude it was grown to have.

The Fade with Edge

For finer hair that still wishes to make a statement, you can not go wrong with this look. Take your fade a bit lower than usual and give the top a dirty texture with a bit of spike and a lot of waves. No shame allowed with style, it’s meant to be owned. Bonus points if your hair is dyed an unnatural color for additional character and flare.

The Hot Mess

The bedhead look made an appearance this year that many sought after. As the name implies, it is not at all something that requires any amount of care or effort. From surfer strands to layered braids and dreads, the carefree spirit behind the look is what you should go for. If you want people to know that you stay up late having fun or chilling with good music, we urge you to go with your personal style.

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